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Rexos' Establishment

The world is evolving rapidly. While traditional investors seek safety in benchmarks and passive strategies, Rexos believes this approach is counterproductive. Innovation is driving disruption, and the risks associated with the conventional world order are on the rise. We are committed to investing at the pace of innovation. Rexos was established for two key reasons: first, to focus exclusively on disruptive innovation, primarily within the public equity markets; and second, to foster openness in research, positioning ourselves as a ‘sharing economy’ company in the asset management sphere. Our mission revolves around discovering the next groundbreaking opportunity. Those who adhere strictly to backward-looking benchmarks are not forward-thinking; they are anchored in what has already succeeded. We, on the other hand, are all about what will work. Welcome to Rexos Capital Limited! We bring you mind-blowing investment opportunities, offer business consultation, and guide you every step of the way toward your financial freedom.

Knowledge Base

Rexos believes that cryptocurrencies governed by open-source networks are ushering in a new paradigm for monetary systems and mechanisms to store and transfer value. Our Investment Manager recognizes that cryptocurrency value and market dynamics follow a “power law distribution,” implying that a select few cryptocurrencies will capture the lion’s share of value. Since the emergence of Bitcoin, we’ve witnessed a global clash between sovereign and non-sovereign monetary systems. Cryptocurrencies governed by neutral, open-source networks have the potential to emerge victorious in this battle. By unlocking a novel mechanism for storing and transferring value, cryptocurrencies pave the way for an open foundation built on robust assurances of wealth and monetary integrity. Leveraging Wright’s Law to comprehend the transformative scope of this technology, we firmly believe that cryptocurrencies will contribute more profoundly to the evolution of monetary systems than any other historical breakthrough. Unlike traditional systems reliant on centralized intermediaries, cryptocurrencies operate within a distributed network of computers. This architecture not only allows them to function independently of legacy systems but also empowers them to challenge the status quo. In the absence of central enforcement, their integrity hinges on openness and transparency—a departure from the practices of old-world central banks and monetary institutions.

NB: Every transaction on our platform is registered on the blockchain and remains accessible to crypto-financial securities such as FINRA & SIPC , even years after completion. This commitment to transparency underscores our credibility.